User Instructions for ONLINE payment

If you are already at the laundry, you can pay and start washing and drying immediately. However, we recommend advanced booking of desired washing or drying machine before leaving for laundry.

Book your nearest washing machine for up to 10 minutes using the website or the Wash-Mate app on your mobile phone.

When using the app, you will receive a notification 7 minutes before the end of the machine's operating cycle. In case you use the website for self-service laundry, you will receive this a notification by e-mail.

Download the free Wash-Mate APP on:

Download on AppStore   Download in Google Play store 

Instructions for the payment process:


Go to and select
Step 1-1
If you are already authorized user of the system, you will be directed to your preferred location.

Step 1 - 2
to be able to take full advantage of the system:
to receive automatic notification 7 minutes prior the end of the washing or drying cycle,
automatic access to your virtual wallet, etc.

If you're using the Wash-Mate app, add funds to your account and follow the instructions below.


Select the nearest laundromat and an available washer or dryer
Step 2


Step 3 - 1
if you are already in the laundry and ready to load your clothes into selected machine.


Step 3 - 2

if you are not in the laundry yet and need an extra 10 minutes.

To confirm that the selected machine is reserved,
the sign RESERVED along with the initials of the registered user will appear in the system next to the selected machine.
All this time the sign “rES” will be displayed on the screen of reserved laundry equipment waiting for you.

Step 3 - 3


Select the washing or drying program.
When selecting the drying program,
it is possible to adjust the drying time using the - and + buttons.

Step 5


Make a payment using funds in your Wash-Mate account or
any other preferable method: online banking or credit card.


When the payment is made, put the laundry in the machine, add detergent press the START button
Step 7


A registered system user receives an automatic email notification 7 minutes
in advance at the end of the washing or drying cycle.
An unregistered user can use the option at the end of the cycle apply to receive such notification.

Step 8


Thank you for choosing the Wash-Mate service!

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